Meow My Persians
Lansing, Michigan
Specializing in Solid and Tabby Persians since 2005
Updated 5/15/2024

GC Bayou Moon Brbn St Blues of Meow My
Thank you Judy for entrusting us with this beautiful girl.

Dam of:
GC Meow My Tawny Boo
GC Meow My Kiss Me Quick
CH, GP, RW Meow My Willie Wonka-Doodle

Pedigree Of GC Bayou Moon Brbn St Blues of Meow My
VarietyBlue Tabby
ParentsGrandparentsGreat GrandparentsGreat Great Grandparents
GC & RW Joleigh Carlos Santana
Brown Mackerel Tabby
GC & RW Joleigh River of Dreams of Red Sky DM
Red Mackerel Tabby
GC Blackice Pewter Mug
Silver Mackerel Tabby
GC & RW Red Sky Wooden Ships DM
Brown Tabby
GC Blackice Portia of Horatio
Black Smoke
CH Joleigh's Lightning N Thunder
Tortie Smoke
GC Joleigh's Holy Smoke
Black Smoke
Joleigh's Dizzy Lizzy
Brown Patched Tabby
CH Joleigh's Heart 'N' Soul
Brown Patched Mackerel Tabby
GC & RW Joleigh's Little Man-of-the-Hour DM
Brown Tabby
GC Joleigh's Cruz'n for Chicks
Silver Tabby
GC Kitskatz Purr-Purr of Joleigh
Brown Tabby
Boberan's Dreamy Heart of Oxalis
GC RW Jolee's Dune of Boberan DM
Boberan's Affair-of-the-Heart
GC Bayou Moon Rosebud DM
Brown Tabby
GC MacGlen's Penny Whistle
Brown Tabby-White
GC Wishstar Sensation of MacGlen
Van Red Tabby-White
GC & NW Wishstar Triumph DM
Brown Tabby-White
CH Boberan Rhythm-of-Love of Patsi-Kat
Red Tabby-White
CH Mewssouri's Thumbelina of Puffco
CH Harwood Doc Holiday of Mewssouri
Mewssouri's Hooray for Hollywood
GC & RW Bayou Moon Marie Leveau DM
GC Bayou Moon Repeat Performance
Brown Tabby
GC GP RW Cotn Hill's Harvest Time
Brown Tabby
CH Tufftons Beignet of Bayou Moon DM
Brown Tabby
GC & RW Fanci FX Tequila Maria
Brown Patched Tabby-White
GC RW Fanci FX Tequila Sunrise DM
Red Mackerel Tabby
GC Tehy Stars 'N Stripes of Fanci FX DM
Brown Tabby-White