Meow My Persians
Lansing, Michigan
Specializing in Solid and Tabby Persians
Updated 3/18/2018

Now Showing!
GC Red Mesa Rocky Racoon of Meow My
Brown Mackerel Tabby Male
Rocky just achieved his Grand Championship!
Thank you, Judge Chuck Gradowski, for naming "Rocky" as the Best All-breed Cat in Championship, 3/4/18!

Meow My Titian Blaze
5-Month Old Tortoiseshell Female
Blaze is currently showing in the Kitten class!

Meow My Magic Carpet Ride
4-Month Old Brown Tabby Male
Magic has just started showing in the Kitten class!
Thank you, Judge Annette Wilson, for naming "Magic" as the 2nd Best Kitten in his very first judging ring, 2/24/18!
Magic playing!